As 2012 Ends ….

As 2012 comes to an end, I continue to introduce myself to new beginnings. That’s just the way it goes as I continue to move at the Speed of Life!!! I’m not going to bog anyone down with the details of my daily life, but what I will say is I’m VERY content right now. Notice, I used the word content. By definition, content means “In a state of peaceful happiness”. So, I’m not overly excited nor am I feeling low about my past experiences. I’m proud of my current state of being. My students are moving along well, people still buy my book, I’m still asked to hit the stage every once in a while to perform my poetry, I’m still asked to pose for photographers who think I’m worth shooting,  I’ve been accepted to the school of my dreams, my company is flourishing, and you have not heard the last of my voice across the airwaves. I have family and friends who love me, and who I deeply love in return. Those who have chosen to stay in my life are cherished; those who have chosen to move on are cherished for the difference they made during the time in which the Lord allotted their presence in my life. I fully accept that I am blessed. You do the same! Life is full of surprises, let downs, happiness, and so on, but learn to be content with what you have been given. Some people have that chance taken away all too soon, and I’m sure we all understand this without me going into detail.

As 2012 Ends take a second to look back and reflect.  You and I are on the precipice of a new beginning, as we always are at this time each year. I believe for me, each move I make is a tough act to follow, but I follow up nonetheless….again, you do the same, take a leap of faith…2013, and the rest of your life is waiting!!!

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