YES… I Was A True Blood Fan!!

Just finished watching the last episode of true blood. It was good. If you’re a fan, this matters to you. If not, then keep reading, it may matter to you to. True blood is a show that went on for many many years, I believe about 8 seasons. If you were a day one fan than you understand, true blood is about one thing; race relations. If you’re not a fan let me explain. The show highlights a pretty blond young woman; who is a fairy with telepathy. She has ‘the light’ that everyone wants, plus she can read people’s minds. She is clearly enviable. Every man wants her and every woman wants to be her. It’s her country, strong woman, simplicity that wins the viewer over. She is surrounded by a town full of vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, and witches. They are all fighting for their civil right to live in among society. The title of the show true blood refers to the Vampire way of living among society. True blood is a drink for vampires; which allows them to be fully nourished without the need for drinking human blood. They were determined to be accepted!
Similar to my people. I’m happy to be a black woman. I say black as opposed to African American because; none of my ancestors were able to pass down any cultural traditions that connected my families to any country or tribe in Africa. African American is a fed term. It is a term used for the census. Which is the most racist list in today’s society. African American is also a term used to refer to new African immigrants who reside in this country. Yet we are two different cultures who rarely connect on a familial level. Family and tradition; isn’t that what equals culture. As an African American whose ancestral background dates back through American Slavery, I will admit; WE are still working on spreading that definition of culture. It may seem as if I’m going off on a tangent from the topic of true blood. But the topic at hand was what true blood represented. And that is race relations. America is a racist society! Many people will feel this is a loaded statement; especially in a post racial society! “We have a black president.” Well I’m here to say to them, open your eyes. We do NOT live in a post racial society just because we have a black president in the white house. Obama represents the change in America. The shift from complete white male dominance to ….. well the rest of us. Barack Obama’s election wins made me cry, both times! As a black woman I thought I would NEVER see the day of a black president in the United States. Which doesn’t say much for how progressive I feel America is! Let’s be honest though, President Obama’s first election proved something to the entire nation. America was in need of a change!! George Bush was such a bad president, the most politically correct racist nation voted for a black president OVER a white female candidate. Saying America IS NOT READY FOR A WOMAN COMMANDER IN CHIEF!!!!!! Guess that brings us beyond race relations to gender issues.
However, race relations play out on every level in this country. People joke and jab at each other based on culture and cultural habits. We judge each other based on how we look, due to our ethnicity, something none of us can do anything about. WHY? What good does it do? True blood’s final season really showed why as a country we need to get back to what is important. We need to stop focusing on each other’s flaws based on their race and culture. We don’t even understand each other beyond the stereotypes that are flood in the media. We don’t even understand how the media and television researchers collect data to learn how to prey on our psyche. We don’t give ourselves enough credit to look beyond the nonsense and take it as simply entertainment.
I guess someone who is not a true blood fan would read this and say I need to do the same thing. They would say true blood was just entertainment. But I say true blood was different than the rest. Not only did true blood make us think about how we treat each other based on our ethnicity, something we can’t control. It gave us a final season where we didn’t need to think about what happened to our favorite characters!! Thanks for not giving us what I would like to call the ‘ole Soprano’ aka … wack ass ending! Kudos!


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  1. MsToyaTiffany
    August 26, 2014 | 12:53 am

    OOOOpppsss…correction, the show went on for 7 seasons!

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