T.K.Ware from affiliate wrote at April 2, 2012:
Nice site, I must say very vivid and aspiring...
HOTHEAD MAGAZINE wrote at March 8, 2012:
Felt very refreshed after reading your site...the postive vibes you feel after surfing through each of the links are like waves of bionic energy...supercharged..keep up the awesome work Toya!! HotHead Magazine, HotHead Records..Lacey and Mac
That Dude wrote at January 18, 2012:
I like the new pics. Keep up the great work
Marilyn Mosby wrote at December 3, 2011:
Toy...when I first met you I knew that you were something special... the world hasnt seen anything yet....I'm proud of you... Keep doing you! Love you... Marilyn :)
Rope from Rope wrote at November 22, 2011:
Thanks for sharing. Always good to find a real expret.
Rosemary Grant wrote at November 16, 2011:
You are an impressive smart sister who has it together and I just want to say that you are inspiring to me as I hope to one day inspire someone else.
David Dickerson wrote at October 25, 2011:
your new pics r hot. i love the one u call Back. keep being u.
Darryl R. wrote at October 18, 2011:
Just stopped by to check out LTR Unlimited. Impressive!! Keep doin' You!
Hael of No Label NAtion wrote at September 28, 2011:
Definitely a big supporter of the site!! Love what you doin here and what yall do at hot97 boston!! lets go bean town!
sonya wrote at September 7, 2011:
I love this site,keep it going What a wonderful job Ms Toya T.
Judy wrote at June 22, 2011:
I'm so happy for you! Imagine, I know this rising star!! Makes me proud!!!
Tammy from Hyde Park,MA wrote at June 14, 2011:
Hey Toy, Congrats on all your accomplishments. So proud of you mama!!! Keep shining sunshine :) May God continue to bless you. Love Tammy
Lamont Taylor wrote at June 2, 2011:
Keep doing your thing Toy
Robbin DJNeebor Clemente from Planet Earth wrote at May 11, 2011:
Keep it comin! Be there on the East Coast Soon! Halla at cha boy! DJ Neebor
Lia from Brooklyn, NY wrote at May 11, 2011:
Looks great Toy! Keep makin' it happen. You look wonderful! Miss you :-)
Jerold aka Big Cuz from Da Bean wrote at May 10, 2011:
Lil cuz you know I had your back since before you could walk. I always knew that you would be a rising star and you will continue to rise cause can't nobody hold you down. Just always remember this "Don't give up and don't give in although it seems you never win You will always pass the test as long as you keep your head to the sky You can win as long as you keep your head to the sky Be optimistic." I am so very proud of you You are on your way babe. Luv Ya!!!
Author LaShonda DeVaughn wrote at May 10, 2011:
LOVE the site Toya...Keep up the GOOD Work!!
Tanya Jones from Loving Mother to LTR wrote at May 10, 2011:
Continue to control your destiny. You are a beam of light, a ray of sunshine, you have a clear and calming voice to your fans, and I am your biggest fan. Keep reaching for the stars.
Kenya wrote at May 10, 2011:
Hey babes, absolutely loving the site! You go girl!! Keep striving to higher heights and deeper depths in all that you do! And know that everything that happens in life is just another testimony/poem to write about! ;-) Much Luv Kenya
tamyka wrote at May 10, 2011:
luvu miss toyat! u inspire me!