• Manuscripts
  • Full Length Novels
  • Short Stories
  • Fiction and Non-Fiction
  • Screenplays/Stage plays
  • Poetry (Poetry is a personal and artistic genre; grammar, and format usually have a purpose
    in how the author wants what is written expressed to the reader. Therefore, poetry will
    strictly be proofread for spelling errors, punctuation, and basic use of grammar (i.e. their/

-Story Development: Includes one full read for clarity and continuity, character strength, development
and progression, plot strength, and dialogue.

-Copy Editing: Once story development is perfected (by L.T.R. Unlimited or another editor, and
approved by the author), this will include another full read to correct grammar, and proper usage,
sentence structure, proper use of punctuation.

-Proofreading: Includes one full read for basic errors, including: spelling, capitalization errors, typos,
proper use of punctuation, style and clarity.

Novel Shown:

Cannon Love by: Latanya Jones

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Also available at FRUGAL BOOKSTORE: 330 Martin Luther King BLVD in Roxbury, Ma (Inside the Washington Park Mall)

LTR Unlimited

All Editing Costs

$10 – $15 per hour depending on chosen service, and length of project.


Manuscript Editing:

Manuscript Editing includes Story Development and Copy Editing. For Full Length Novels (fiction/non-
fiction), Short Stories, Screenplays and Stageplays.

Manuscript Review/Proofreading:

Review of story development and verbal clarity.

Poetry Manuscripts:

Poetry will strictly be proofread for spelling errors, punctuation and basic use of grammer (ie – there,
they’re, their).

L.T.R Unlimited has availability for:


-Talent Shows/Concerts/Parties

-On Stage/On Screen Hosting:

-Commercials/Voiceover Work

Hosting cost vary depending on event, event length and even requirements.

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